Accentuate the Positive

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We marvel at magic shows because the magician directs our attention to what he wants us to see, not to the slight-of- hand tricks.  We can look thinner, shapelier, taller (or shorter if we prefer,) simply by directing the attention to our positive attributes. 

Take a look in the mirror. In one column, write down what you think are your most attractive features. Circle the top three. You may have a well-proportioned body, a great smile, and narrow ankles. Write down what you view are your unattractive features in another column. Circle the three you wish would disappear. Perhaps you feel you have a thick waist, small eyes, and ugly knees.

Since your body is well proportioned (torso to legs balance in length and weight,) you can use color to redirect attention from your not-so-pretty knees. A red top and neutral colored skirt will draw the attention to the upper part of the body instead of the knees.  Of course, skirts that fall below the knees, or pants could cover the knees as well. Use lip liner and brighter lipstick to draw attention to your lips and great smile.  A scarf or statement jewelry also directs the viewer to your smile.  Eyes should have light colored eye shadow to make the eyes appear larger, but also to avoid drawing the attention away from the lips. Add a delicate, ankle bracelet with small rhinestones.  The viewer’s attention is drawn to the upper body/smile and the narrow, shapely ankles.  The full waist isn’t even noticed.