Be Creative with Scarves

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Change the shape of a neckline. Add color to flatter your complexion. Keep warm in winter. Any of those things can be accomplished by choosing the right fabric and style of scarf.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a scarf as a piece of cloth worn about the neck, shoulders, or head. It doesn’t define it as a certain shape, size, or texture. That leaves it up to you to be creative. The most popular contemporary scarf is the infinity, a continuous loop scarf, long enough to loop twice around the neck, creating a casual, soft neckline, while providing warmth and style. 

If you have a sleeveless dress, use an extra-long rectangular scarf to create “sleeves.” Wrap around the shoulders, then tuck the ends under the arms and tie at the waist in the back. Use a brass safety pin to secure the scarf to the back neckline of the dress. Since brass pins have points sharper than pins made of other metals, they are less likely to damage delicate fabrics. These same pins can be used to secure any scarf at the neckline to prevent it from sliding. 

Use an extra-large square scarf to create a “jacket.” Fold in half and tie the open corners together on each end. Two “arms” will be created.

Your outfit may be a classic neutral color, but you want color around your face. Silk fabric allows variation of dyes while reflecting the true color. Experiment with different scarf ties to create your own distinctive look. Questions? Call me.