Create a Visual Facelift

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Whenever we look at something, our eyes see dimension because of light and dark. That which is closest to us appears lighter and bigger. That which is farther away appears darker and smaller. This is what I call the principle of light and dark. Apply this principle to cosmetics and you can create a visual facelift.

Beauty experts consider an oval face to be the most desirable, but few of us have perfectly oval faces. By using brown-based blush, you contour your face so it appears oval.

Draw a curved line from outside end of the brow to the beginning of the chin on one side of the face. Gently blend the color from the line toward the ear, creating an effect of a light shadow. The shadow makes the side of the face appear to recede. Place the blush brush under the cheek bone (not on top) and rock the brush from side to side in a shallow U-shape.  Blend the blush downward and to the side to hollow the cheeks. Looking straight ahead in a mirror, compare one side to the other. The side you have contoured with blush will look thinner and lifted. Now, repeat on the other side. For the final touch, tilt your head backward and apply the brown based- blush under the chin on to the neck.

Use the same principle to reduce the appearance of puffy eyelids by applying darker eye shadow over the puffy lid and lighter eye shadow in the center of the lid.