Makeup for Tweens

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When should a girl begin to wear makeup? Lifestyle, maturity, and personal preference all affect when she should begin. At age 12 her body changes as well as her face.  It is important that she begins a skin care regimen to cope with impending blemishes and skin changes. She should first learn to properly and regularly care for her skin. Then she can add makeup.

Her first step in skin care is cleansing her delicate skin. Over-cleansing strips the skin of natural and needed oil and moisture. All products should be free of ingredients that clog pores. First determine whether her skin is dry, oily, or normal. Foaming cleansers labeled “normal to dry” or “normal to oily” work well. For especially delicate skin, use cleansers made for sensitive skin.  They tend to have fewer perfumes or additives that can irritate. Follow with an appropriate toner for her skin type. Skin should be cleansed and toned at least once a day.

Choose a moisturizer with duo-spectrum sunscreen that hydrates and protects the skin. A sheer, tinted moisturizer or light foundation gives a natural look as well as balancing skin tone without being too heavy.

Use a lip color that matches her lip color or simply a tinted or clear gloss. To accent the eyes, use an eyeliner only on the top lid in a thin line at the roots of the eyelashes.

By developing a skin care regimen and choosing age appropriate makeup, your “tween” will be better able to handle her changing skin.