My Little Pony

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We often think of young girls with ponytails; but long, fashion ponytails are for all ages. Most women on the runways or red carpets “enhance” their own hair with add-ons. The look is easy to do, gives a visual lift, and saves time. 

Pull your own hair into a ponytail high on the back of the head. Your own ponytail doesn’t have to be long if it can be secured with a band. Use a good quality band because the ponytail comb should go under the band instead of into the hair. A separate wide strand of hair wraps around the band to cover it so it looks natural. By placing the ponytail high on the head, the head balances the weight so it does not seem heavy. If there are shorter, stray hairs on the back of the head, pull them up and secure with two bobby pins in a V-pattern. 

Once the ponytail is in place, experiment with different configurations. Loosely braid, wrap to form a bun, or twist. The color does not have to be exact since the ends of hair are usually lighter. Choose the style that best fits your lifestyle or hair type. The Beach Pony has loose waves that give a slightly unkempt, natural look. The Straight Pony gives a sleek, sophisticated look. When hair is pulled back and up, the face actually looks lifted. 

If you are planning a trip or simply want to save time daily, try an add-on ponytail.  I think you’ll like your new look.  Click here to view a video demonstration.