Nancy’s Column

  • What Makes a Quality Handbag?
    I recently toured the Brighton factory in California and reviewed how to determine quality in handbags.   There are two kinds of handbags—those that are assembled and those that are designed.  An assembled bag has premade components that are selected and then put together to create the bag.   A designed handbag starts with a sketch. Next, … Read more
  • It’s Cruising Time
    Finally, you get to escape and be waited on hand and foot.  You want to be dressed well, have what you need, and be comfortable, but you don’t want to lug five suitcases with you.  Whether you are a first-time cruiser, or you’ve been on so many you can’t remember how many, make the decision … Read more
  • Stoplight, Golight
    When my children were young, we were awakened because it was light outside and they thought it was time to get up.  Now, we have grandchildren and it is happening again.  They are too young to tell time.  Stoplight, Golight shows red when they should stay in bed and green when it is time to get up and … Read more
  • Simple Solutions to Pesky Lip Makeup Problems
    We all find a welcoming smile inviting, yet lips can poise makeup problems.  A few techniques and products can quickly provide solutions. Begin by conditioning lips.  Dry, cracked lips are not only unattractive, but also painful.  Use a lip conditioner that exfoliates dead skin while also conditioning.  Be careful, some lip products simply provide a waxy coating that creates … Read more