Accent the Positive Part 1

Each of us view certain attributes as either negative or positive.  If we accent our positive features, the negative won’t attract attention, seeming to magically disappear.  In the next several columns, I will give suggestions on ways to divert attention from a negative feature to a positive one.

If you are really busty, do not add any additional bulk to the chest area…no ruffles or pockets.  Often, front closures gap.  Instead, choose v-neck separates that slip over the head, or fasten in the back.  The v-neck draws the eye downward away from the bust.  Usually, if a woman is busty, her hips are smaller.  Accent the smaller waist with belts.  Slacks should be narrow legged.   They may be patterned and have detail at the hem. 

Avoid loose fitting tops.  As the fabric falls over the bust, it makes the whole body look larger.  Choose designs with darts that trim in the waist, diminishing bulky fabric.  Avoid drawing attention to the bust by choosing a sleeve length that does not end at the bustline.  If you have significant cleavage, you may need a bra with a larger cup size.  The center of the bra should fit right against the sternum.  If it doesn’t, for every ½ inch away from the sternum, increase the cup size.  The bust will actually look smaller in the correct cup size and the front closures will be less likely to gap.

Necklaces need to fall either above or below the bustline.  Let earrings be the focal point, drawing attention upward.   

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