Accent the Positive Part 2

Some call heavy hipped women pear shaped.  With that visual in mind, work toward creating an illusion of balance.  Draw the eye away from the hips and upward to the shoulders.  Start with undergarments.  Choose a slight shoulder pad that make the shoulders seem more in balance with the hips.  Removable shoulder pads can be transferred from garment to garment, or choose a camisole with built in pads.  Jackets or blouses can have detail at the shoulder such as epaulets, or button trim. 

Often if you have full hips you are also short waisted.  At times it seems that the waist is almost directly under the breasts.  Accent the waist with a narrow belt instead of a wide belt.  It gives the visual of more space and thus a longer waist.  Be sure you have had a recent bra fitting and that the straps are properly adjusted to give adequate lift.  When wearing a belt, wear a 3/4 or 7/8 length jacket.  The belt gives the body shape, while the jacket balances top and bottom.  Avoid short jackets that end at the waist.  They draw the eye to the widest part of the body.

Choose pants that have a slight drop waist.  The band will fit better as it settles on a wider part of the top of the hip, avoiding the never-fitting waist band that goes all the way to the waist.  Unless a top covers the entire hip area, avoid narrow legged, tight fitting pants; instead wear straight legged pants.  Look for pants and jeans with angled or no pockets.  Choose smooth, solid colored fabrics. 

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