Advances in Breast Cancer Research

Each October breast cancer becomes a focus.  Because of that focus, millions of dollars have been donated, creating an opportunity to find new ways to identify and treat breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BRCF), the only breast cancer research organization dedicated exclusively to breast cancer research, has contributed significantly to breakthroughs. 

Breast cancer deaths have declined by 40% over the last twenty-five years.  BRCF identifies medical researchers and provides grants for them to continue their research on breast cancer.  Researchers have classified breast cancer as a collection of diseases based on different patterns of genes.  Knowing this affects how treatments are selected.  They have also concluded that there are subtypes that can be further divided into additional subtypes which allow more individualized treatment plans.  In addition, researchers have discovered breast cancer stem cells.  Figuring out how to target those stem cells is being researched now. 

Breast cancer recurrence creates ongoing concerns.  By conducting a seventy gene diagnostic test, physicians can predict which type of breast cancer their patients have and the likelihood of recurrence.  Some cases, based on the results of the gene diagnostic test, don’t need chemotherapy.   Physicians now use the body mass index, amount of alcohol consumption, age of first menstrual period, plus the age of menopause (whether natural or surgical) to evaluate breast cancer risk.  Reduce breast cancer risk by maintaining a healthy weight, eating fresh foods including leafy greens, staying physically active, and avoiding stress. 

Go to for additional information.  Also check out The Sister Study  which studies women who have breast cancer versus their sisters who don’t. 

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