Are They Naughty or Nice?

Parabens, used from the 1950’s as a preservative in everything from shampoo to food, including cosmetics, has come under scrutiny since a 2004 study that analyzed breast tumors from twenty women. Eighteen of the twenty tumors contained parabens.  The study did not indicate that parabens caused or contributed to the tumors, only that they were present in the tumors.  Nor could the researchers identify where the parabens came from.  However, for those who have experienced cancer, the use of products containing parabens should be considered.  

Parabens, according to the Harvard Heath Review, have a weak estrogenic effect.  “Although estrogen plays a role in breast cancer, there’s no evidence that people who use paraben-containing products face an increased risk.”  The FDA site concurs with that opinion.  

So, the question is, “Are parabens naughty or nice?”  Parabens prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in products.   Both bacteria and fungus can cause health risks. However, there are other anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives that can also be used to control bacteria and fungus.  They may or may not have ill effects on health as well.  As a consumer, you need to decide what is right for you.  

Review ingredient labels.  The most common parabens are listed as buylaparaben, methylparaben, or propyparaben. Most of Merle Norman products are paraben free. However, there some products that at this point cannot be made without parabens.  If you wonder if your Merle Product contains parabens, refer to the ingredient listing, or call us at 979 268 0608. 

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