Be a Fashion Magician

The magician directs your eye toward what he wants you to see.  Likewise, you can use fashion magic tricks to make the eye see the “thinner you.”

First, be sure the garment fits.  If a blouse pulls across the bust, or pants pull across hips, horizontal fabric folds visually widen the area.  Ill-fitting shoulder seams that drape over the shoulder make already narrow shoulders appear droopy and rounded.  

Monochromatic colors create an unbroken line that makes a person appear taller and thinner.  High contrast colors between top and bottom create horizontal divisions that shorten and widen.  Wear darker colors on the largest part of the body to balance weight visually. Add brighter colors to areas you want to accent such as the neckline.

Be careful with the amount of detail on the garment.  Pockets and ruffles can add bulk. Prints can also add or subtract visual weight.  Prints with darker backgrounds slenderize; multicolored, lighter prints add weight. The direction of the prints can draw the attention away from the trouble area.  Open space within the print can provide that same function.  Stripped clothing needs to fit well, or be slightly loose: if too tight, the stripes become waves.  Keep in mind that horizontal stripes add width.

Well dressed women consider proportion.  The number one rule is to wear short over long, or long over short, i.e. full over slim, or slim over full.  If you are wearing an oversized shirt, pair with leggings.  If you wear a full skirt, pair with a snug fitting top. 

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