Best Buys on Sale Items

We all like the hunt for great savings on sale items—especially this time of year.  Take a little care and thought to maximize your value.  Look for solid colors that are timeless that transcend seasons and trends, items that fit well, tops or bottoms that already match things in your wardrobe, and those trendy things that make your wardrobe look current, but don’t deplete your budget.  

Basic neutral or solid colors become staples.  You simply can’t go wrong by buying another black pant, tank, blouse, or dress.  Check to be sure it is made from quality fabric, is well-constructed, and fits well.  Solid color apparel is more likely to mix and match what is already in your closet.  The value for each piece of clothing you purchase is the cost per wearing.  If you pay a hundred dollars for an item and you wear it three hundred times, you’ve only paid 33 cents per wearing.  However, it you buy a $300 item for $50 and wear it 25 times, you are paying $2 per wearing.  The better value even though you may have paid more for it originally, will be the item you wear the most. 

Sale prices help offset the cost of alterations.  A garment that fits well makes you appear well dressed.  Never buy a garment that is too small.  Choose a larger one that can be altered to fit.  When choosing a jacket, fit the shoulders. Avoid buttoning the jacket if it is too tight across hips and stomach.  Or if possible, purchase an A-line jacket that flairs across the hips.  

Everyone needs a few pieces that reflect current trends and colors.  If you know the trends are short lived, sale time is the perfect time to purchase.  When the trend withers, you will have less angst when you cut it from your wardrobe.  

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