Calling All Brighton Handbags

Do you have a registered Brighton handbag?  You can send it in once a year for cleaning and restoration for free for life.  Brighton offers the only handbag free cleaning warranty in the industry. 

Your favorite handbag may be showing a few scuff marks or scratches that make it look a little tired.  Restorers at the Los Angeles factory clean, polish, and replace missing parts when available as well as apply dye touch ups where needed.  Now, during a season change, is the perfect time to send your cool weather handbag to be restored.  If by some chance you did not register your bag, or it was gifted second hand to you, you only pay $40 to get it restored.

When you bring in your bag, be sure to remove all your belongings.  Do a second look for any loose credit cards, keys, or folded money tucked away.  You would be surprised how many we find left in the bags.   The handbag usually returns in five to six weeks or sooner. 

On May 16, we will hold our annual gently used Brighton handbag auction.  Anyone who sells any number of Brighton handbags at the auction will receive the auction selling price to apply to the purchase of a new Brighton handbag.  If you decide to participate in the auction, now is the perfect time to send those bags off for cleaning.  If not, just keep your bags in tip top shape by sending them in once a year. 

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