Do You Believe in Magic?

It is not really magic, but it will seem like it if you have thinning hair, you’ve not be able to go to your hair dresser to keep roots tidy, or you want your hair to lift more in the crown without damaging teasing and hairspray.   Choose either synthetic or human hair toppers—both have pros and cons.

The price on synthetic toppers is less, but they are more sensitive to heat.  One of our styles, MFTB offers True to Life fibers that make the wig fiber more flexible.  It can be heat curled or straightened on low heat (300 degrees). If you choose to curl, remember you curl it, clip the curl in place, and then cool it.  As the curl cools, it sets the permanent curl.  You can also blow dry on a cool setting.    It has a fringe bang and a lace front.  Lace fronts, composed of net-like fabric, blend into the skin allowing the front to be swept to the side or combed back, revealing the full forehead.

 The majority of the topper is hand knotted which allows you to redirect the hair in the direction you choose.  However small wefted areas on the outer edge of the crown provide extra lift.    A series of pressure clips allow you to securely attach the topper to your own hair.   Synthetic wigs and toppers cannot be dyed or lightened.  If you cannot find an exact match to your hair, select a color you like and have your stylist match your hair to the topper.

Human hair wigs and toppers can have color added.  Small swatches are included for your hairdresser to test dye. Because of the amount of treatment that human hair goes through before being made into wigs and hairpieces, they cannot be highlighted, only low lighted.  Neither white or gray hair is available in human hair.     Human hair has more weight than synthetic hair, making it heavier on the head.   However, it is far less heat and friction sensitive.

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