Do You Know That National Girlfriend’s Day is Saturday, August 1?

There seems to be a national “something” day every day, but Girlfriend’s Day has special meaning.  The term “girlfriend” for a woman’s female friend was first used in 1863.  I don’t ’know if the American Civil War during that time marked the significance of women supporting women while men were gone to war, but it certainly seems likely.  By the 1920’s the term’s use expanded to include a man’s female romantic interest.  Today, we women use the day to celebrate our female friends, sisters, and mothers.  Guys also celebrate their girlfriends as well. 

It is an opportunity to recognize those women who play important roles in our lives. Girlfriends laugh with us, share secrets, advise, encourage, sympathize, and are simply there for us.  The day’s celebrations include shared time together, phone calls, notes, and gifts.   Usually, the gifts are less elaborate, and more thoughtful such as a bottle of her favorite wine with a decorative Brighton wine stopper attached, or a delicate necklace used for jewelry layering. 

A favorite girlfriend celebration is lunch and an afternoon of shopping.  That may be a little risky this year.   Instead, schedule a girlfriend zoom meeting where you view videos or websites of your favorite stores.   Morgan Fitzgerald’s has a series of makeover videos that you can play while each person experiments with new makeup (www.fitzyou/ Brighton has fashion week videos you can sign up for to get an inside look at trends and designer recommendations.   

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive.  979 268 0608,

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