Do You Know the Secrets of Makeup Artists?

Just as a landscape artist knows certain products or tools allow her to create the exact painting technique she wants, so can a makeup artist use certain makeup products to create the look she wants.

An artist prepares the canvas with “sizing” that evens the surface and encourages the paint to adhere.  Foundation, eye, and lash primers essentially do the same thing. Choose a foundation primer to smooth the complexion, minimize pores, and increase adherence.  You’ll actually use less foundation, but it will stay fresher and last longer.  You’ll need to wait a few minutes after primer application before applying foundation. Eyelid primer smooths the lid, creating an even adherence of pigment.  Eyelid primers made with an oil base help prevent the natural oils from being wicked into the eye shadow, reducing dryness.  Lash primers lengthen and thicken lashes, as well as extend wear.  Apply on one eye, follow with mascara, and then apply to the other eye. 

Some women seem to have perfect lips.  Chances are they are using a few secrets to keep them looking perfect.  Outline the lip with a clear lip pencil to provide an invisible secret that prevents lipstick feathering.   Use lip liner to contour. 

Concealer can be used to cover dark circles and spots allowing you to use sheerer foundation for a natural look.   Once you apply, tap with a damp sponge to blend into the skin.  Use finishing spray to “seal” your makeup.  It helps to prevent smudges and rub off. 

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