Do You Want to Have an Arm Party?

Invite yourself to have a good time at your own arm party. Create an arm party by selecting three or more bracelets to wear simultaneously.  First, decide the theme of your arm party.   

Wearing multiple bracelets on one arm reflects on-trend fashion.  Follow a few guidelines and your arm party begins.   Decide what effect you want with your collection.  Do you want to show support for a friend with breast cancer?  Select a Power of Pink charm bracelet.  Add a rose gold bangle bracelet, and a pink stretch bracelet.  Or if you have a collection of Power of Pink bracelets, choose your top three favorites.  Separate with thin narrow bracelets.  Either selection creates a visual impact for support of breast cancer survivors. 

If you love the southwestern look, choose different widths of bracelets to add interest. Feature bangles or charm bracelets with southwestern motifs and those with turquoise stones.  Don’t forget you can wear your multiple bracelets on the same arm as you wear your watch.  The watch becomes one of the elements of the arm party. 

Mixed metals create a versatile combination that can go with any outfit.  Choose an all silver bracelet, all gold, and bracelets that are two-toned, or several multi-metal bracelets.   If you like the look of multiple bracelets, but want the ease a single clasp, select styles with multi-strands.  Want to see what it looks like? Log on to our website, click on jewelry—Brighton and view our Brighton rep’s video illustrating ways to create your own arm party.   

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