Gifts for Couples

Couple gifts solve several problems: you can give fewer, but nicer gifts; the gifts can be less personal if you don’t know the recipients well, and there are fewer gifts to wrap.  But the question is…what makes a great couple gift?

The gift should reflect what the two people like.   If one person drinks tea, the other drinks coffee, coffee is probably not a good idea.  However, if both drink coffee, a world of possibilities open.  Look for arabica coffee either in unflavored or flavored.  Add a cannister ($32) with a membrane to keep the coffee fresh. Want more?  Corksicle now offers insulated mugs ($24.95).  Make the gift as large or small as you choose. 

Personalize the gift that so that it reflects both people.  Wooden cutting or cheese boards can have family names such as “The Prides,” or monograms cut into the boards.  If you choose glass cutting boards, choose a scene that is pleasing to both. 

The couple should both be able to use whatever is given.  A knife sharpener by Brod and Taylor ($129) sharpens knives within 30 seconds.  It doesn’t require any particular expertise.  Either can use it easily and accurately.

Our new acrylic glasses that look like cut crystal ($8 each) wrapped with a bottle of your favorite wine can be used on patios without fear of breakage then put in the dishwasher.  Choose two for the special couple or more if they frequently entertain.   For fun, choose a Chirpy Top ($25-$26) that chirps as the wine is poured.

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