Have You Seen Anyone Who Looks Good in Capri Pants?

Certainly, there are women who look great in capri pants.  But why?  Fashion trends continue to show lots of capri and cropped pants, but for many women, they present a wearing challenge.  What tops and shoes you wear with them affects whether they flatter, or appear on the magazine pages of what not to wear.

Capri pants stop above the ankle, but well below the knee.  Cropped pants stop above the calf.  Short legs, large calves, create the greatest challenge.   Short waisted women have longer legs, proportionately, than long waisted women, so they have an advantage.  Think of a visual guide of the top representing one-third and the bottom representing two-thirds.  Shorter pants reduce the perceived length of the leg.  If you wear a shorter top, or tuck in the top, the legs look proportionately longer.

 What do you do if you have a poochie stomach or saddle bags that you normally cover with a longer top?    Layer a short top over a longer tank that matches the color of the capri or cropped pants.  The observer perceives the length of the shorter outer top, while the layered tank becomes “part” of the pant.  Tapered pants slenderize the overall look. If you choose a wide width capri, match with a belted and fitted top.  Again, it is about balance. 

Shoes make a huge difference.  Match your shoe color to the color of capri or cropped pants to reduce visual contrast.  Shoes with higher heels, boots, and heeled “booties,” or scooped out toe boxes for flat shoes all extend the leg. 

All of these hints help you look fabulous when you wear your comfortable and stylish capri and cropped pants.

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