How Do You Clean Your Skin?

Every person should have her own cleansing regimen that fits the characteristics of her skin.  Determine if your skin is oily, dry, normal, or a combination.  Are there any skin conditions that need to be addressed such as rosacea, acne, or eczema?  Your goal should be to have a balanced skin PH, open pores that allow your natural oils to flow, and moisturized skin.  Talk to a skilled beauty advisor to determine which cleansing products best fit your skin type.  

Cleanse your face morning and night.  Why cleanse in the morning?  Your body repairs itself while it sleeps.  That means it tries to get rid of toxins, and dead skin cells, pushing them to the surface of the skin.  If you don’t cleanse, you are wearing all the toxins and dead skin cells throughout the day.  

Most people do not take the time to properly clean their skin.   Let the product do the work.  In the morning, wet your fingers to activate the cleanser, then take a small amount of cleanser and apply in small circles, gently massaging your face as you apply.  Wipe off and gently rinse with tepid water.  (Hot water strips the oil from the face).  In the evening, apply the cleanser in circles again to dissolve foundation and other makeup products.  Rinse, pat dry.  After each cleansing, follow with toner, serum, and eye, face, and neck moisturizers.  

Avoid using bar soap to cleanse your face.  It will dry and tighten the surface of the skin, not allowing natural oils to flow and upsetting the PH balance.  

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