How to Be Festive without Looking Like a Christmas Tree

Your choice of color, accessories, and pattern creates a holiday flair appropriate for any holiday activity.    Mix red and green and no one will question your holiday spirit.  Beware that choosing garments with red and green designs will limit use in March (and most months other than November and December).  Red transcends December into Valentine’s Day, and Healthy Heart events.  Of course, solid red or solid green are monochromatic looks that work well.  Monochromatic outfits are dressier than mixed colors. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just red and green.  Try a monochromatic jewel tone color such as royal blue, or a winter white accented with gold or silver.  Blues and whites suggest a wintery ice-cold feel associated with the holidays.  

Accessories give an inexpensive opportunity to “dress for the holidays.”  Scarves can be solid colors, patterned, or whimsical.  (Think patterns of small cats wearing Santa Hats). Scarves work well for business situations, or even a trip to the grocery. 

 Jewelry can dress up a classic outfit.  Brighton snowflake necklaces and earrings say holidays without limiting use to December.  They are also a more professional look.  Try Brighton reindeer, snowmen, or angel earrings on a fun day with the grandkids.

Holiday themed shirts and sweaters can whisper or scream holidays.  Decide which works for your personality and occasion.  Less bold statements can suit a greater variety of events, but a little wild and crazy may entertain.  

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