I Love Your Hair!

That’s the comment many of my wig clients get.  It truly is their hair because they have bought and paid for it.  Knowing the features of wigs and wig construction will help you choose the most satisfying wig for you. 

First, why do you need a wig? Is it for a good hair day? Is it for medical need?  If it is for a good hair day, you probably will prefer an acrylic wig that doesn’t react to humidity or rain.  When you wash the wig, it retains its style.  Let it dry overnight on a wig stand.  Simply shake the wig upside down the next morning and it looks as if you’ve gone to the hairdresser.    Determine how much you want to spend.

The amount of hand labor used to construct the wig contributes to the cost of the wig. Wefted wigs made by machines cost less than fully hand knotted wigs.  Partially hand knotted wig prices fall in between the wefted and fully hand knotted.  The length of hair, the type of hair (acrylic, or human) both affect price.  Acrylic fibers react to heat by frizzing.  Opening an oven door, or leaving the wig in a hot car can damage it.  Human hair isn’t as affected by heat, but after washing it has to be styled. 

If you have a medical need for a wig, the comfort of the cap becomes more important since you don’t have hair between the wig and your scalp. The caps of fully hand knotted wigs tend to be more comfortable on bare skin. 

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman, located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, Bryan, one mile north of University Drive. 

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