Is a Hack What You Think It Is?

Do you know some beauty hacks?  Perhaps you know more political hacks than beauty hacks? A bit confusing?  Let’s get down to definitions. You might first think that a beauty hack would be chopping something, like one would hack on wood, or perhaps a beauty hack might be nefarious like a political hack who acts out of personal self interest rather than for the good of the people.  However, in contemporary terminology, a hack is a more efficient, clever, or easier way to do something.  Whether you search for cooking hacks, cleaning, or even financial hacks, hacks seem to be available for about anything you can think of. 

If the term is new to you, you might question where to find hacks for your particular interests.  Try magazines that feature subjects you are interested in, or if you frequent Pinterest or other online sites, you’ll find an abundance of hacks to aid you.  Be sure to vet the online sources: someone’s good “idea” may not really work.

I question whether “Hints from Heloise” would be named the same today.  Somehow, “Hacks from Heloise” although maintaining alliteration, sounds a bit ominous.  Nevertheless, a good hack such as using shaving cream as a prewash for foundation makeup stains on clothing, or using a dusting of translucent powder over lipstick and then reapplying lipstick so it will stay on longer may be exactly what you need.

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