It’s Cruising Time

Finally, you get to escape and be waited on hand and foot.  You want to be dressed well, have what you need, and be comfortable, but you don’t want to lug five suitcases with you.  Whether you are a first-time cruiser, or you’ve been on so many you can’t remember how many, make the decision to pack less to reduce your preparation stress.

  Choose mix and match solid colored pieces that can double for dress dinner or excursions.  My favorite neutral color is black, but you can choose any solid color. Take sleeveless tanks, tops with ¾ sleeves, pants, a skirt, a pair of jeans, exercise top and bottom, swimsuit and sleepwear.  I prefer to take all washable clothing that can be handwashed or sent to the ship laundry.  Packets of granular Forever New can be used to wash clothes in the sink or washer machine.  If you are taking a multi-week cruise, take no more than seven days of clothing.  The pieces can rotate and mix sufficiently to create different looks for additional days. 

Jewelry pieces that reverse, or can be redesigned (such as charm necklaces and bracelets) save luggage space without compromising fashion.  Lace Sleevey Wonders can be worn under sleeveless tops or tanks to create a dress dinner look without packing formal wear.  Wallets with a strap can be used as an evening bag.

Be sure to include a water-resistant jacket with hood, a tiny fit-in-your-pocket umbrella, travel size cosmetics, a sewing kit, assorted over the counter medicines for minor aches, pains, and sniffles, and a fold up light-weight tote for shopping or swimwear.

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