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John Medeiros Multi-Strand Gold & Silver Necklace & Bracelet: Combine to Make Long Necklace

Nancy Pride owner of Morgan Fitzgerald’s & Merle Norman in Bryan Texas, shows us John Medeiros Jewelry featuring the Twisted Beaded Collection. Learn how to combine this Multi-Strand Gold & Silver Necklace & Bracelet to make a longer necklace. One of the best kept secrets of the jewelry world. It’s called John Medeiros Jewelry. All made in the United States. It is fashion jewelry, not fine jewelry but it looks like fine jewelry with a fraction of the price. It is made from Base Metal, plated in Copper, triple plated in Silver, and then plated in Rhodium. A fine metal that is more expensive than Gold but what it does, it prevents tarnishing. John Medeiros guarantees the jewelry against manufacture defect for life.