Make-Up 2019 Fall Trends

September and most of October in Texas feels more like summer than a cool precursor to winter. Instead of pulling out sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, we change to fall colors. Make-up needs to reflect fashion on-trend style colors while establishing make-up trends as well.

Plums and greens with soft neutrals help create a minimalist look. Generally, emphasis on the eyes decreases unless you are wearing apparel in on-the-edge neon colors. Reduce eyeliner width to the base of the lashes. Use soft neutrals to shape the eye, but blend, blend, blend, creating a no make-up look. Individually define lashes by holding the mascara wand like a pencil and stroking the individual lashes. If you are not using mascara primer, now is the time to start. Apply primer first, then stroke individual lashes with mascara.

Concealer allows you to use less foundation. Apply to spots, dark circles, or blemishes. Next apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush or damp sponge to achieve sheer coverage.

Use brown tone blush to achieve a natural sun-kissed look. It can also be used for gentle contouring. The new “baked” blush works especially well. The trick is to blend all the edges into the skin. Add highlighter to the tops of the cheeks and on the chin.

Lips become the center of attention. Use deeper and brighter lip color shades. Be sure to line the lip with clear lip liner to avoid the lipstick feathering into fine lines around the lip.