Masks: Fashion Accessories and Protection

If you wear masks, why not view as fashion accessories?  Try color coordinating with your outfit, choose college logo masks, add bling (if you are into bling), or for fun, applique lips or other fun items.  We would love to see all the creative ways you make your masks accessories in your wardrobe. Send pictures to  We will post them on social media.  You may win a $20 gift certificate.

A recent Texas A&M study indicated that areas where everyone wears a mask in public significantly reduces the transmission of Covid19. It is the “most effective means to prevent inter-human transmission.” The study indicated that masks not only prevent droplets from reaching uninfected people, but also are “crucial to…avoid breathing the minute atmospheric particles…that infected people emit when talking.”    

 Various sources indicate that medical grade masks are most effective, but even homemade masks significantly help.  Use multi-layers of materials such as high-grade t-shirt material, or tight weave cotton towels.  Beware, if the mask gets wet from perspiration, it becomes less effective.  Change out your mask every four hours. According to the CDC, children under two, or those people with difficulty breathing should not wear masks.   Wash and dry washable masks after each use.  Non-washable masks can be steamed.   

When putting the mask on or removing it, touch only the ear loops, or outer edges.  Wash your hands before and after handling the mask.  Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth following handling your mask.

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