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portrait of Nancy Pride, owner of Morgan Fitzgeralds, smiling

Nancy Pride is the proud owner of Morgan Fitzgerald’s. Not only can you come in to our store to learn even more tips and tricks from all our staff, you can also learn more through her column. Every week, she writes a column called “Simply Stylish,” or best known as “Nancy’s Column”. Here, she shares her tips and tricks for all things beauty and fashion!

From makeup advice and style insight, to travel pointers and gift guides, she has you covered. It should be noted that Nancy has not met a single person who has not learned some bit of great advice from Nancy. Unquestionably, she has all the qualifications to teach people these tips and tricks. Nancy has many years of hands on experience that make her tips valuable to her readers. With a degree in Theatre Arts, Nancy has experience working behind the sciences. In this environment, she was able to learn all about hair, makeup, and style. In addition to her education, Nancy has been running Morgan Fitzgerald’s for 27 years. Nancy is truly a fountain of information that can help almost anyone. From her education to her experience, there’s no one better to learn from.

You can read Nancy’s column below or in The Eagle, the local Bryan/College Station newspaper. We put out new posts every Wednesday!

Recent Posts:

  • Hair loss…What Can You Do?
    We normally lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, but new ones emerge to replace the lost hairs so we don’t notice the lost hairs.  When the number of hairs falling out increase, or the number of new hairs decrease, we notice hair loss.  Alopecia normally affects only the hair and face; however, in rare cases it can affect the whole body.  The immune system attacks the hair follicles causing inflammation and resulting hair loss.  It isn’t known what triggers the attacks or what can stop them.  Hair loss can be limited to small patches, or the entire scalp.  There may be one episode with hair regrowth, or multiple episodes. Androgenic alopecia occurs in older adults.  Usually considered to be highly influenced by genetics, there can be additional factors.  Known as male or female pattern baldness, the hair recedes and thins in the crown area.  It can be triggered by the side effects of medicine
  • It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…
    Last year we had drought conditions, this April we almost set records for rain.  It helps to be prepared for unpredictable Texas weather.  Shedrain umbrellas and ponchos, and Mycra Pac raincoats provide both style and protection. Shedrain is known for its “vortex” windproof umbrella.  It’s vented canopy allows air to flow through the umbrella to release pressure. The cable enforced new frame technology helps to prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out in gusts up to 75 Mph. (Yes, we actually had gusts that high last week.)  Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty.  It is compact for easy carry and storage.  The automatic open and close feature makes it easy to use.  Choose from solid colors, black, or prints. Shedrain also offers a mini umbrella you can carry in your handbag or in the pocket of your car door.  However, the minis do not have the wind technology or auto open and close
  • Do You Want a New Brighton Handbag?
    Do you have a Brighton handbag that you received as a gift that is just not you, or you find you no longer use a bag you once loved? Between April 26 and May 10 Morgan Fitzgerald’s will buy your gently used Brighton leather handbag for $60 or your gently used leather Brighton organizer for $30.  The money must be used to purchase a new Brighton handbag.  You can choose from in-stock handbags or we can special order for you. Each Brighton handbag style is individually designed for classic styling, functionality, and durability.  Light interiors help you find what is in your bag. Multiple pockets inside and out keep possessions organized and easily accessible.  The finest leathers from around the world are selected to fit each handbag design.  Some leathers are embossed to create the look of other types of leather skins such as crocodile, or snake.   Brighton handbags are known for their detail
  • Ready To Boomba
    You, too, can go strapless, look awesome wearing swimsuits, and flaunt backless dresses. Boomba innovative silicone products make it all possible… comfortably. Whether your bust size is an A or G, Boomba products can lift and shape. The reusable invisibras and insets have adhesive on both sides to ensure security of placement and comfort. Invisibra have silicon breast covers for each breast plus a clear plastics fastener that is added between them to connect the two-no straps or bands. Cup sizes roughly follow bra cup sizes. They blend seamlessly with the skin, staying undetectable under even thin fabrics. They are easy to put on. 1. Stand in front of a mirror, With the two sides of the bra connected, stick the left side of the bra onto your breast at a 45 degree angle. 2. Scoop your right beast up and towards the middle. Next, stick on the right side of the bra at a

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