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Color(s): SILVER
Mesh fabric with sew-in scale pattern and holographic dot application
Pleated cut waist seam
3/4 bell sleeves
Hand wash in cold water recommended

– Sequin/Rhinestone
– Sheer
– Stretch
– Wired Collar

– Back Pleat
– Lining
– Pockets


S, M, L, XL, XXL



Fit Comfortable, Look Fabulous! It’s Damee! As a working mother, Damee’s most concern has been comfortable fitting as well as stylish look. Damee thought a working mom might be such a juggling role, so she wanted to share a little joy in fashion with those women. This made her to concentrate on distinctively aged look in every style with ease of wearing it.
“When a mom is growing older, she wants to dress like her daughters. So, they can still have a common topic to talk and understand each other.”
That’s how Damee has been inspired about her design by her mother. When she designs a new style, she always thinks about the design on her mother and herself. In this way, she never forgets where her design came from and what her design is for. This inspiration keeps Damee New York as being itself.