Woodic Apple


Recommended age: 14+

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All Wood Trick constructors are mechanical, have gears and other mobile parts. Especially for young engineers and architects, there are five different models of woodicks:

The Apple – this fruit definitely became a new home for the worm, which gnawed in it a lot of holes. If you twist the gear, it will look from one side, then the other and smile mysteriously to you.

Unusual design will appeal to children, and the assembly will enthrall them and help develop the imagination. Please note that children up to fourteen years old during the assembly may have to help. Some details will be difficult for them to unite by themselves. But you certainly can not worry that the child will get a splinter or otherwise get hurt. The material from which the Wood Trick constructors are made is ecofriendly plywood. When gluing sheets do not apply formaldehyde and other harmful substances.