Simple Solutions to Pesky Lip Makeup Problems

We all find a welcoming smile inviting, yet lips can poise makeup problems.  A few techniques and products can quickly provide solutions. Begin by conditioning lips.  Dry, cracked lips are not only unattractive, but also painful.  Use a lip conditioner that exfoliates dead skin while also conditioning.  Be careful, some lip products simply provide a waxy coating that creates a barrier to liquids, but do not condition or exfoliate. 

 Small lines form around our lips as we age. Merle Norman’s Wrinkle Smoother Lips seems to be a misnomer.  Instead of going on the lips, use it to tap into the lines emanating from the lips.  I prefer to use after my moisturizer, but before my foundation.  It creates a smoother surface diminishing the appearance of lines.  Follow with a narrow line of clear lip liner around the outer edge of the lips.  This creates a barrier to the lipstick, preventing the lipstick from bleeding. 

 Add a narrow line of colored lip liner that matches the color of the lips at the lip edge.  This also helps prevent the lipstick from “bleeding” into lines and makes the lips appear larger.  Add a slightly darker lip liner on the outside of the first colored liner.  Color the inside corners of the lips, and directly beneath the bottom lip.  This makes thinning lips appear thicker.

Getting lipstick to stay on is an on going problem.  Stains stay on longer, but dry the lips. Merle Norman’s new Plush lipstick stays on much longer than regular lipstick without drying the lips.  

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 

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