Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Begin spring with fiery reds, or cool it down with pinks, grays, and classic blues. Combine saffron with black, gray, or wear it solo. Pull your faded denim from your closet and add wallpaper style print tops. You’ll have a retro sense as you see crochet tops and even bottoms.  More conservative inclusions combine crochet panels and all monochromatic crochet over same color lining.  

Use white with polka dots of any color including the classic black and white.  From tiny to gigantic, the dots make a statement.  All white crochet over white lining gives a fresh look.  

If your looking for a new look in collars, this year makes a statement.  Large pointed collars or large soft waterfall collars top jackets and blazers.  I personally prefer the waterfall collars because they have more wardrobe life.  Look for contrasting collars to reinforce the trend.  

Dressy attire focuses on long and multi-tiered layers.  Stick to soft flowy fabrics that cascade.  They are more flattering and give graceful movement.  Although feathers are trending in everyday wear, they are appropriate for dressy attire as well.  

Spring welcomes colorful jewelry either beaded or jeweled.  Single earrings trend more than multi-earrings per ear.  Enjoy large hoops.  The classic pearl returns in combination with layering.  Or, you can choose oversized chains.  The overall jewelry look is overstated.  

Balance the jewelry with larger handbags either soft or structured.  Everything doesn’t have to match.  If your clothes are monochromatic, add a textured or painted leather bag.  

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