Stoplight, Golight

When my children were young, we were awakened because it was light outside and they thought it was time to get up.  Now, we have grandchildren and it is happening again.  They are too young to tell time.  Stoplight, Golight shows red when they should stay in bed and green when it is time to get up and go.  

It is a timer shaped like a traffic light. Set it for 0-15 hours, 0-59 minutes.   The child knows if the red light is on, it is not time to get up.  When it turns green, it is okay to get up.  Use either the included AC adaptor or 4 AAA batteries (not included). Because it is electrical, it is recommended for ages 3+.  The device can be useful for anything that needs to be timed—study time, time out, watching television, even brushing teeth.    It has an optional audio alarm as well. 

In addition, hearing or otherwise impaired adults can find it an effective aid. It can visually indicate that something in the oven is ready, or it is time for a favorite television show.    School teachers can use to time learning activities or tests.   The yellow light is decorative only.  The creators opted to save battery life by making the yellow light nonfunctional. Set the timer, by pressing the engage button on the side of the light and then pressing the hour and then minute buttons.  

Stoplight, Golight provides a fun solution for children to gain independence while giving mom and dad a little extra sleep.

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman, located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive.   

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