Style Tips to Make You Look Fashionable and Fabulous

Part II Connection

The brain makes sense of things by connecting to what it already knows or has experienced.  When you dress, your appearance should help the viewer’s brain connect the elements of color, pattern, and style.  

If you decide to wear a yellow skirt and a red blouse, they don’t connect.  The viewer may not know why it is not pleasing, but the brain is searching to connect the two colors together.  Add an accessory that has both colors.  A scarf with yellow and red flowers could provide the link.  Seldom should a color accessory be by itself.  Wear a solid black outfit.  Add red shoes.  That is a striking look, but it needs another touch of red to complete it.  It could be a handbag, red framed glasses, a scarf, or jewelry.    

Pattern, like color, needs connection.  The easiest is to pair similar pattern forms.  Stripes go with stripes or solids; floral goes with florals or solids.  Now, designers are combining what is called “mixed media.”  Instead of joining the obvious, they put the stripes and florals together.  They create the connection through color and placement.  Keep in mind that jewelry should reflect the pattern as well.  Don’t wear round earrings and round pendant with angular prints.  

When I think of style of clothing, I think of structured (such as blazers), or unstructured (such as flowy dresses and tops).  Each style makes sense when it is paired with similar styles: blazers look great with trousers.  Silk flowy tops move gracefully with soft wide leg pants. 

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