Style Tips to Make You Look Fashionable and Fabulous

My mother taught first grade for most of her career.  Her mantra was that if a child learns the sounds of letters and the “rules” of phonics, any child can read.  I feel that way about certain simple tricks that allow a woman to look fashionable and fabulous.  

If you wear a long skirt (mid-calf is the current trend), then the jacket should appear short.  The reason I say “appear” is that a longer, solid color tank or blouse could be worn beneath a short jacket if it is the same color as the skirt.  The shorter jacket in a different color gives the illusion of balance, while the matching top covers the hips and provides the elongating look.  Of course, just wearing a short blouse over a longer skirt is appropriate as well.   If a short skirt is worn, a long jacket will provide balance. 

Balance your leg length and torso length. If your waist is closer to your bust than to your hips, you are likely short waisted.  Wear narrow belts instead of wide.  Choose blouses with a hemline that hits beneath your waist.  Wear them untucked.  If you are long waisted, choose wide belts, and tuck in your shirts.  Both can wear an unstructured top with no definition of waist. 

Balance your physical size with size and placement of accessories.  Full busted women with narrow hips should carry their handbags at the waist instead of a shoulder bag that hits at the bust line.  Full hipped women divert the eye by wearing a shoulder bag that falls at the bust.     

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