What Is a Stylish Woman?

The Cambridge dictionary defines stylish as having a special quality that makes a person or thing seem different and attractive. Most would say Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Melania Trump should be called stylish women even though their styles are quite different.  

A stylish woman includes current trends, but chooses them to fit her wardrobe, body shape, and style.  The garments fit well—not to tight or lose—not to short or long.  She spends extra time to find perfect fitting garments, or if her body requires, will spend a little money to have them altered.  

Clothing facilitates her activities.  The stylish woman moves easily.  Shoes coordinate appropriately with apparel, but she never sacrifices function for style.  It’s better to have a kitten heel than a high heel that throws her off balance.  Her shoes are always cleaned and repaired.  

She also dresses appropriately for the occasion.  Well fitting jeans and crisp white shirt carries her to most casual events. She chooses garments that hide minor figure flaws.  She has basic neutrals that she combines throughout her wardrobe that can be dressed up or down.  Her look is uncluttered.

Accessories provide flair and trendiness. Neutral outfits receive a color pop with bright earrings, pattern scarf, or handbag and matching shoes.  All of her accessories complete her look just as the last paint stroke completes a painting.  Not only is a stylish woman different and attractive, she is also classy. 

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