What’s Happening?

There is a lot going on at Morgan Fitzgerald’s so here is a brief synopsis through October.  Hone your bidding skills, choose your right mask, and play a fashion scavenger hunt.  

This Saturday, September 28 at 2pm, our Brighton jewelry auction begins.  Clients place gently used Brighton jewelry up for auction.  Although no warranty accompanies the jewelry, the values are terrific.  Each group contains three pieces sold for a single price.  Be sure to call to reserve a seat.  You may view the pieces up for auction from Thursday until the time of sale. 

Cosmetic masks provide intense treatment for specific skin needs.  If you are not currently using a mask, or you don’t know which is best for you, participate in our free mask event through the end of November. You can try all five of the masks to determine which is best for you.  Following your mask treatment, we will pamper you with serum and moisturizer.  If you choose to buy a mask, serum, and moisturizer, you will receive a free gift with purchase of a cosmetic bag trio valued at $50.  

Participate in our fashion scavenger hunt the entire month of October.  Each week we will change the mannequins in the windows. Study the window displays and find the outfits in the store, complete with accessories.  For each outfit you try on, you’ll receive an entry into our drawings for $50 gift certificates.  The more you try on, the greater your chances of winning.   

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman, located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive.  (979) 268-0608 www.fitzyou.com.

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