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Making fresh, flavorful vanilla is easy, economical and fun!
Simply remove the Madagascar beans, slit lengthwise, and return them to the jar. Fill the bottle with desired alcohol such as vodka, bourbon, or rum.  If you only have one Perpetual Vanilla bottle, vodka is recommended because vodka has no taste or smell: it produces only the vanilla flavor.  When bourbon is used, the extract has a bourbon/vanilla flavor.  Rum produces a rum/vanilla flavor.  Replace the cap and wait 4 weeks.  If you shake the bottle periodically, the vanilla is extracted more quickly.  After a month the vodka turns an amber color.  It is fine to use at this point, but the longer it sits (extracts) the darker the liquid and the richer the flavor.  It is critical to replenish the alcohol after each use. If you remove a teaspoon of vanilla, replenish with a teaspoon of vodka or whichever alcohol you initially used.  Replenishment alcohol continues the extraction, producing vanilla up to five years under normal home use.

Madagascar beans, grown off the east coast of Africa, hand pick, and dried produce the best vanilla extract available.  Chefs around the world prefer Madagascar vanilla because of its aroma and taste.

If you are looking for a special gift produced in Texas, this is a good one.  It is bottled in Bryan/College Station, Texas.  Nancy Pride, owner of Morgan Fitzgerald’s, first received a Perpetual Vanilla bottle as a gift.  She was so impressed with its performance that she began selling in her store.  When the owner of Perpetual Vanilla retired, she bought the trademark.   She added Ground Perpetual Vanilla, and Perpetual Vanilla sugar to the product line.   Want a special gift for a friend that loves to cook?  Going to a bridal kitchen shower? Need hostesses gifts?  Looking for a unique gift for the person who has everything?  Perpetual Vanilla is the perfect gift.  Just don’t forget to get one for yourself.


Perpetual Vanilla