Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Fashion hit a slow down during Covid 2020 as people restricted activities and canceled events. This year started slowly, gradually introducing new looks, but clinging to the relaxed look of 2020.  As we move into fall and feel more comfortable returning to our routines, we all are looking for something fresh. 

Shoulders appear more exaggerated with increased width and detail.  In extreme cases look for large puffy sleeves.  In other styles, look for small shoulder pads.  It is hard to tell if the emphasized shoulders will be a hit or not.  I suggested holding off for a bit or experiment with only slight shoulder emphasis.

Introduction of bold colorful prints seem to be a certain—a relief from the more subdued looks during Covid.  Mix bold print colors with neutrals to prevent distraction.  Pants reflect a much fuller cut. Skinny legs unless worn under a long, full top are out of fashion.  Long, duster length coats provide a leaner, cleaner look.  If you are shorter, wear matching solid colors underneath to provide the illusion of greater height.   Leisure wear looks more detailed and less pajama-like. 

Asymmetrical necklines add interest while diverting the eye from less flattering body parts. Hemlines take a dip, indicating an economic slump may be in the future according to those who study those things.  

Make-up and skin care make big comebacks as women rush to undo months of facial neglect.   Exfoliators and moisturizers seem to produce the quickest results to return skin to pre-Covid condition.

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