Gifts for Those Who Love to Cook

Gifts for those who love to cook are easy. Whether choosing a gift is for men or women, there is always something that can be special in the kitchen that adds function or beauty. Why should cutting boards be only functional? Glass cutting boards with artistic designs become art when not in use. The cutting board textured surface diminishes dulling of knives, cleans easily, and is light weight to handle.

Create your own coffee shop taste with pour over coffee pots. Place ground coffee in the top of the porcelain set and slowly pour hot water through the grounds for a full, rich coffee taste. Need a tumbler for your hot coffee or chilled drink? Corkcicle insulated tumblers plain or decorative makes a great pairing.

Most cooks welcome silicone oven mitts, hot pads, or aprons as well as a good wine bottle opener. Throw in a couple of wooden spoons and a variety of spices. Don’t forget colored sprinkles and sugar crystals for baked goods. For those in a hurry, a thawing tray that speeds up thawing without affecting the meat texture.

Perpetual Vanilla belongs in every cupboard. Simply add vodka to make pure vanilla extract. Each bottle contains three Madagascar vanilla beans considered to be the finest vanilla beans available. The vanilla can last up to five years with normal home use.

A Gurgle Pot pitcher adds a little extra fun at the table. Pour liquid and the pot gurgles sparking conversation and laughter.

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