Guy Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for my husband and sons remain my biggest gift-giving challenges. If you share that challenge in your own family, these ideas may help. All guys seem to like good belts. before shopping, find his pant size and go up one size to determine belt size. Not all leathers are created equal. If the belt is labeled, “all leather”, don’t assume it is made from a strip of cowhide. Some belts are made from pressed leather, created from bits and pieces of scrap leather that are ground and glued together. As the belt is worn, the glue weakens and the belt begins to show significant wear. Belts made from strips of cowhide or other leather holdup much better. Find out if he likes simple or more decorative belts. If a particular belt leather or buckle style is not in stock, now is the time to order.

If your guy loves wine, the CorkPops wine opener makes bottle opening easy. It uses a small pressurized cannister to open the wine quickly and easily. The all-time best knife sharpener by Brod & Taylor sharpens knives quicker, easier, and sharper than any knife sharpener I ahve found. If he enjoys cooking on the grill, a thawing tray speeds thawing times so meat is quickly ready to grill on the spur of the moment.

Is your guy an Aggie? Check out the maroon grilling aprons, ATM Wusthof steak knives or ATM argyle socks.

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