Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A Mother’s Day gift signifies more than a gift.  It represents how you feel for the countless selfless things your mother did for you over the years.  Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than a thoughtful remembrance from a child. 

John Medeiros jewelry has a beautifully designed heart ($105) with round gold beads set within a puff heart.  Each Medeiros piece, carefully handcrafted in the U.S. A., gives the appearance of fine jewelry. The gold beads can be unscrewed and replaced with colored crystals ($7/each) representing the birth month of each of your mother’s children.  The Medeiros jewelry uses the lost wax technique.  Base metal poured into the mold is plated in copper, and then triple plated in silver, and finally plated in Rhodium, preventing tarnishing.  Its lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect gives certainty she will enjoy it for years.

Brighton offers several locket designs ($88-$105) that hold two pictures.  Digital images can be uploaded on Brighton.  We at Morgan Fitzgerald’s can print and cut to fit the locket exactly.  Both the front and back of the lockets are finished so the lockets give two different looks.  Brighton also has picture frames ($38-$88) that can showcase a memorable family event.

If you decide that a trip might be perfect, consider Brighton luggage.  From the Knox nylon quilted tote ($335) that carries enough for a weekend trip, to the roller bag ($260) with 360-degree wheels, to the Live, Love, Travel bag ($106), she’ll have just what she needs. 

If you like these ideas plus others, log on to Morgan Fitzgerald’s webpage, Facebook, or Instagram.  We have a series of videos with great Mother’s Day gift ideas.     Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 S. Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive.  979 268 0608