Picture Perfect on Zoom

Many of us will share holiday experiences online this year through Zoom. You can maximize your appearance by adjusting the lighting, camera angle, makeup, and clothing.

I have to admit that on occasion, when I didn’t look my best, position my computer with my back facing the window on a sunny day. Basically, the back lighting made it almost impossible to see my face. Assuming you aren’t dealing with that kind of day, put the light source in front of you behind the camera of the computer so it illuminates your face. Try to use natural light when possible, or purchase a ring light on a stand that doesn’t point the light directly at your face.

The angle of the camera can distort your features or emphasize shadows. Lift the laptop so the camera is directly in front of your face or slightly above. A stack of books or sturdy box works well. This gives a visual lift to your face.

If your skin seems red or too pale, use skin color correctors to normalize skin. Anti-redness skin moisturizers or green coverup can tone down the red. Add a pink coverup or cream blush for pale skin. Be sure to define eyebrows with a little color and eye gel. Use slightly more eye shadow shade and highlight to emphasize eyes. Lipstick with color is a must, but avoid heavy gloss. Bad hair day? Great time for a wig.

Position your device in an uncluttered area or use a virtual background. You can get free holiday and other background images from Zoom to download. After you have implemented all the suggestions, take one final step. Choose the appearance filter on Zoom…it makes us all look better.

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