Sleevey Wonders

If you have been frustrated that all the dresses you like seem to be sleeveless and you prefer sleeves, Sleevey Wonders may be the solution you’ve been seeking.  In 2009, the designer of Sleevey Wonders had the same concerns.  She would take her sleeveless dresses and tops to a tailor and have them make sleeves and sew them into the dresses.  It was expensive and reduced the flexibility of use for the garments. 

For several years she designed prototypes that she and her friends tried.  Each prototype improved the comfort, or function. Finally, Sleevey Wonders solved the sleeveless problem.  The reversible bolero-style accessory worn beneath the dress or top provides rounded or v necklines to best complement the dress neckline. 

The lightweight fabric comes in sheer, lace, opaque, and multiple colors.  Available in ¾, cap, or full lengths, they suit most needs.  An additional benefit is that they give the appearance of firmer arms.     Available sizes range from small to plus.  Take a little black sleeveless dress, add a lace Sleevey Wonders and you are ready for evening wear.  Replace with a tailored Sleevey Wonders and you are ready for the conference meeting. 

Whether you get cold easily, don’t like the look of your arms, or have work related restrictions, Sleevey Wonders provide a sleeve when you need it.  

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, Bryan, one mile north of University Drive.  979 268 0608, www.fitzyou.com