Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are a fun way to surprise our family members.  We select stocking stuffers because we think they are unusual, they relate to the person’s interests, or simply because we like them.  They don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be small enough to fit in the stocking.

Brighton pocket notepads remain one of my favorites.  Priced at between $4-$6, the attractive cover conceals a stack of blank note paper ready for jotting down phone numbers, grocery lists, or random thoughts.  Brighton bookmarks come in a package of three.  Divide and place in a favorite paperback or simply include by itself.  Key chains can be used as key chains or remove the ornament, slide it onto a chain to create a less expensive necklace.  Mini post earrings ($18+) are perfect for teenagers.  Hair clips and barrettes are always useful for those with long hair.  

E-cloths have multiple stocking stuffer products.  E-cloth Eye glass or electronic cloths clean with only the cloths or a light spray of water.   Choose waffle window or all-purpose cloths that leave streak free, spotless windows.  There are even towels for pets that remove odor and bacteria while drying your pet quickly.

If you want something made in Texas, functional, and not found everywhere, choose Perpetual Vanilla.  It consists of three Madagascar vanilla beans in a jar.  Just add vodka to make your own vanilla that keeps regenerating for up to five years.  (I liked it so well, I bought the company and now bottle locally and sell nationwide).

Don’t forget skin care items from lip moisturizers and lipsticks to body lotions. 

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