Black Friday

Years ago in retailers’ ledgers, losses appeared in red ink, profits in black. Many people believe our current Black Friday gets its nomenclature from that practice.  Retailers lost money most of the year, but when the day after Thanksgiving arrived and hordes of shoppers arrived to begin their holiday shopping, retailers began to make a profit and the ledgers were then in the black.  A quick search of the internet indicates that myth seems plausible, but more likely Black Friday evolved from two incidents. 

The first incident occurred in 1869 when two financiers tried to buy up available gold to increase its value with the intent to sell and make millions.  President Grant became aware of the scheme and ordered four million dollars of gold held by the U.S. Treasury be sold on the market to thwart the scheme.  Investors who had fallen for the scheme lost everything.  Hence, Black Friday.  

The second incident involved the Philadelphia police in the 1960’s. The combination of fans flooding the streets in anticipation of the Army/Navy game and holiday shoppers caused chaotic pedestrian and automotive traffic congestion.  The police termed it Black Friday.  Retailers latched on to the term by the 1980’s to encourage shoppers to arrive at their stores motivated by selected bargains, hoping that they would benefit from additional non-sale purchases made bargain hunters. 

Black Friday has now evolved to a family experience that people look forward to during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Morgan Fitzgerald’s likes to participate in the tradition.  This year, starting the day after Thanksgiving at regular opening hours, a collection of Merle Norman products including full size eye shadow quad, duo blush, and lip crayon, plus travel size eye makeup remover, lip shimmer, and brow gel in a sparkle makeup bag collectively valued at $100 will be available for $29. Between November 27 and December 3, buy any 2 combination of Brighton bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or watches and get a free piece of equal or lower value of the lowest item purchased.  Purchase a Brighton charm from selected charms and get one free.  Happy Shopping!

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