Do You Know Which Shaped Jewelry Works Best For Which Face and Body Shape?

Whether you select jewelry for yourself or as a gift, consider face and body shapes to aid you in selecting jewelry that truly enhances.  Try to achieve balance. If jewelry reflects the shape of the face, it intensifies the face shape.

Round faces appear rounder with round or chunky earrings.  Instead, select straight dangles, or angular pieces.    Rectangular, elongated shaped faces become shorter with large round or hoop earrings.  Square faces look better with small round earrings or hoops.  Big earrings widen a square face.   Heart shaped faces can wear most shapes except those that come to a point.  Oval faces look great in any shaped earring.   Necklace length and shape also affects the way face shapes appear.

Oblong and V-shaped necklaces slenderize a round face. Square, heart shaped and rectangular shaped faces fare best with rounded or oblong necklaces.  Oval faces can wear most shaped necklaces, but body shape can affect which styles work best for them. 

Most women can wear oblong necklaces that fall between the collarbone and bust. Large busted women should avoid heavy jewelry or jewelry that falls beneath the bust.  Long, vertical necklaces can help short women appear taller, broad shoulders to look narrower, and short necks appear longer.  However, avoid long necklaces if there is a bulging stomach.

In general, match jewelry size to body size.  Delicate jewelry gets lost on large women unless worn as layering pieces; large statement pieces can overwhelm petite women unless they have strong facial features.   

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