Do You Run Hot or Cold?

If you have a hard time controlling your body thermostat, the answer may be in finding the right type of fabrics and styles that keep you comfortable.  Fabrics made from natural fibers absorb perspiration and allow more airflow, but often require more maintenance.  Synthetic fibers made from petroleum, have greater durability, are less affected from sun damage, hold color better, and are less vulnerable to bagging and sagging.

Most people recognize cotton, linen, silk, and wool as natural fibers that come from plants or animals. Rayons, and Tencel, both made from wood products, use chemical processes in their formation, yet they have some of the same comfort properties as the natural plant/animal formed fibers.

If you shiver in air-conditioned rooms, polyester can keep you warmer.  It doesn’t breathe, has a tighter weave, and is water repellent.  Nylon provides incredible strength and is certain to warm you.  It repels stains making carpet and clothing easier to clean.  Going on a summer trip to Alaska where there will be chilly winds?  Be sure to pack a nylon windbreaker.  Although it’s light weight, it will keep you far warmer than a cotton jacket. 

Those who prefer an active lifestyle love Spandex, a petroleum-based fiber. It gives tremendous flexibility of movement, always returning to its original shape. However, it will be far warmer than natural fibers.   Of course, natural fibers can be blended with synthetic fibers to capture the best features of both.  When you shop, consider whether you run hot or cold, so you can choose the garments with the best fibers for you.  

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