You Can Save Money on Your Cosmetics

Use a few simple techniques to use less and save money.  Choose the skincare and makeup that best fits the needs of your skin, eliminate unnecessary products, and reduce waste.  

Evaluate your skin needs.  Is it oily, dry, prone to breakouts, or sensitive?  Learn which products produce the best results for your skin’s condition.  If you use a product that isn’t formulated for your skin type, you will have to buy more products to counter the negative effects of the inappropriate product.  For example, if you have oily skin and use a scrub to deep clean your skin, the abrasive scrub will irritate the skin, alerting the oil glands to produce even more oil.  

Be sure not to duplicate products.  A serum addresses one problem more intensely.  If you have dry skin and use a serum to hydrate your skin, you don’t need a second lotion or cream that provides moisture unless it offers other benefits.  Likewise, if you have a makeup foundation with sunscreen, you don’t need a moisturizer with sunscreen.    This allows day and night use of your moisturizer.   

You can reduce the amount of product use.  Quality makeup brands use technology that breaks the makeup particles into nano particles.  Smaller particles have smaller spaces between them.  That means you get better coverage with less makeup.  Your foundation gives a smoother, even finish while only using a minimal amount.  When applying makeup, use a makeup brush or your fingers.  Both absorb far less foundation, extending the use of your foundation while saving money.  If you choose to use a sponge, wet it first and squeeze out excess water.  The damp sponge will not absorb as much product.  

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