Do You Want Pockets or No Pockets?

Last week a national television station had a feature story that traced the evolution of pockets in garments.  Kings wore pouch-like pockets similar to “fanny packs.” Eventually, women discretely wore them beneath outer clothing accessing them through slits in the top garment.   Today, most men’s pants have deeper pockets than women’s pants, putting women at a disadvantage in the business world. According to the television report men can carry within their pockets needed business items such as pens, cell phones, and small note pads while women with no pockets or small pockets have to carry separately, in handbags, or brief cases to contain needed items, causing the women to look “less all-together.”

However, there remains another reason why many fashion designers choose to exclude pockets or reduce the size of pockets in women’s garments.  The bulk of the fabric itself adds visual weight to the garment.  Once the pocket stores things, that visual weight increases even more.  Pockets can be used though to help balance figure flaws, or to enhance the positive.  Think about how your appearance could be improved by adding weight?  No hips?  Pockets can help.  Avoid low or droopy pockets which make hips appear to sag.  Flat hips look wider and flattened by wide spread pockets.  If you have large hips, choose larger pockets to balance the size of the hips.  Tiny pockets make large hips appear giant in contrast. 

If you are full busted, avoid any blouses with pockets.  In contrast, if you tend to be less well endowed, blouse pockets give the illusion of fuller busts and better balance with larger hips. 

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